Steamed Pumpkin Savoury Cake Recipe 金瓜蒸糕食譜 | Huang Kitchen

Ingredients: 200 grams pumpkin , skin removed, steamed and mashed 120 grams self-raising flour, sifted 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp instant yeast 60 grams water, 1/4 cup Fried Ingredients: 5 shallots, slice into thin pieces and deep fry 30 grams dried shrimp, soaked, drained and chopped 20 grams dried shiitake mushrooms , (3-4 pieces) soaked, drained and chopped Steaming Pan: 6 inch round or square pan, line the bottom and oiled INSTRUCTIONS Preparing Ingredients: Line pan with parchment paper First, oil and line a square (or round) pan with parchment paper. Steam cut pimpkin Cut pumpkin into cubes and steam till softened. Mashed steamed pumpkin while hot. Then using a fork, mash cooked pumpkin into paste and set aside. Slice shallot into thin pieces Next, cut peeled shallot into thin slices. Fry shallot into crisps Deep fry in oil till golden brown and crisps. Then set aside. Dice soaked mushroom Next, cut soaked mushroom into small cubes. Mince soaked dried shrimp Also, soak and chop dried shrimp. Fry dried mushroom and dried shrimp Heat up 1 tbsp of shallot oil in wok, fry the mushroom and dried shrimp till aromatic. Leave aside in bowl Put into a bowl and we are ready to make the batter. Making Batter: Mix dry ingredients. In a large mixing bowl, first add in sifted self-raising flour and salt. Mix well. Using a whisk, stir to mix well. Add in salt. Then add in instant yeast and baking powder. Mix again. Add mashed pumpkin followed by water. Next, add in mashed pumpkin followed by water. Using a spatula, combine to mix well.

Lastly add in all the fried shallot, mushroom and dried shrimp. Stir to combine everything together. Pour into prepared pan. Then pour the batter into the prepared lined pan. Tap the cake tin to settle the batter into the tin and to make sure there are no gaps between the batter and tin at the bottom or sides of the tin. Also, smooth the top with a spatula. Pour into prepared mould. Cover with cling wrap and leave to proof till double in size, about 60 minutes. And we are ready to steam the cake. Steam Pumpkin Cake: Steam cake for 30 minutes. Bring water to a boil in a steamer and steam the pumpkin cake over high heat for 30 minutes.

Remove from steamer and leave to cool before cutting. A Slice Of Steamed Savoury Pumpkin Cake When cooled, slice and enjoy, serve with hot chinese tea.

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